Samarthya works with various international volunteer organizations such as Samuha Overseas Development Association (S.O.D.A., based in Canada) and Service Civil International (S.C.I., based in Germany).


International volunteers from S.O.D.A. are physiotherapists, prosthetists, and orthotists. These volunteers live on a Samarthya campus for the duration of their stay to maximize their time with the staff and patients. The goal of their volunteer work is to provide theoretical education and practical skills to further the knowledge base of the community-based rehabilitation workers. These volunteers work together with the local staff to improve programs at the Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Center, the Early Intervention Centers, and the Aids & Appliances Workshops.  By assessing the clinical needs of the programs, volunteers create educational curriculum and hold teaching sessions for the workers of each program to create sustainable, long-term solutions that foster the growth of Samarthya.

Partnership with Service Civil International Germany (SCI)

Since 2009 German volunteers from the Sevice Civil International (SCI) come annually for a period of 11 months to Samarthya and stay on our campus. The German government is supporting and funding this voluntary service through the “Weltwaerts” program as an educational program and for cultural exchange. Currently we have three different placements for the German volunteers.

The volunteers in the Functional Adaptation (FAD) project work together with a local staff member to help People with Disabilities to function optimally by adapting their environment to meet their physical requirements.

In the Aids & Appliances placement the volunteers assist our local technicians in producing and repairing appliances like e.g. crutches, splints, calipers, wheel chairs or special sitting chairs for People with Disabilities.

And one placement is in our Communication & Fundraising Unit, where the volunteers help to communicate Samarthya to the people and to attract donations. This includes website designing, social media, creation of photos and videos and donor communication.

Volunteering with Samarthya was a truly rewarding experience. Working at the Early Intervention Center has reinforced my desire to work in pediatric physiotherapy and to be involved in global health. I will always remember my time with the friendly and hospitable staff and am grateful for my experience with Samarthya

Rachelle MacDonald

Physiotherapist Student from Canada

Volunteering at Samuha was a life-changing experience for me. My 5 months in Koppal opened my eyes to the healthcare situation in developing countries. I learned many lessons about team dynamics, program development, and teaching in a different environment and culture. As there were several other volunteers present, we experienced various global health issues first-hand and participated in lengthy discussions about our roles as international volunteers. Countless thanks go to the staff for making our stay so memorable.

Andrea Mendoza

Physiotherapist from Canada

Volunteering at Samarthya was an experience to come together with different cultural backgrounds and making a cultural exchange. It was a nice experience to enable better life conditions for People with Disabilities in the rural area with functional adaptations.

Florian Oschmann

German Volunteer

Samarthya is one of the most amazing places I have ever been to. During my year there I got to know the organisation very well and I was amazed by the constancy of the staff. They try to help every needed person and even if it is difficult, due to the limits they have to work with, they never stop doing their best.

Leefke Hinderlich

German Volunteer

I only had to put one foot on the Samarthya campus near Koppal and I felt welcome. Everyone treated me like I was a part of the group. From the first moment on I knew my year in Koppal would be a a great one. Additional to that I also had the feeling that the work Samarthya was doing is so important for the villages near Koppal that it was an honour for me to help a little bit. I will never forget the time in Koppal and I will always benefit from this time.

Ben Riedel

German Volunteer

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