Shanthamma’s Story

Mrs. Shanthamma w/o Topanna Gondabal of Bhagyanagar, aged 55yrs. She is carer of her one daughter Vijayalakshmi, she has the disability of mentally illness since 15 yrs and she has disability ID card and is getting monthly pension. Her family consists of 04 members. The elder son is living separately. Mrs. Shantamma is economically very poor and her husband Mr. Topanna is engaged in Handloom work working from home. They don’t have any agricultural land. So the whole family is dependent on daily wages.
The Samarthya project staff identified Mrs. Shanthamma during survey in 2013. After identification, she was asked to come to Samarthya clinic for an assessment of her daughter. After assessment the project enrolled Mrs. Shantamma as a one of the carer and started supporting her.
The project also provided counselling services through Mr. Manohar from Mysore and the project staff. After counselling, medical support was also provided for her daughter and also to Mrs. Shantamma. After all these interventions she felt very happy started attending carer’s monthly meeting counselling services.


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