Spinal Cord Rehabilitation

The Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Center (SRC) is located on a peaceful campus close to NH-13 in Kanakagiri. Whether the client was recently discharged from the hospital after a recent incident or the condition is long-standing, our program is designed for clients with diagnosed spinal cord injuries who need rehabilitation.

New clients to our center are encouraged to participate in a two-month camp to learn skills for self-care, SCI-specific exercise, and functional mobility. We incorporate many educational sessions with visits from a physician, nutritionist, and counsellor. Additionally, various community members share their experiences and educate clients on vocational training options to help them participate in their communities and generate income for their families. Upon completion of the 2-month program, clients are encouraged to return for 10-day follow-up camps every 4-6 months to progress their exercise programs and receive support where needed. As client presentations vary greatly, our therapists will conduct a phone screening prior to initial intake to determine if a client is suitable for the program.


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