Jyothi’s Story

Jyothi suffers from deafness and was 24 years old when we met her. She had completed her Class 10, was a very bright young girl but faced several challenges to adjust and cope as she did not face much support from her family. We completed a toll assessment of her disability and began home visits to teach her better communication skills. She attended our short-stay camp and was introduced to our vocational training programmes. She completed her classes on tailoring and joined the Chaitanya Deaf Club. Her parents also began to take an interest and joined the Hongirana Parents Group. Jyothi and her parents then began to meet a lot of deaf young people and parents like themselves and started to be more aware of how to face challenges of disability. Jyothi also attended a three-month computer and life skills training course with Samarthanam Trust at Dharwad. Jyothi is now employed and earning Rs 100 a day at a garment factory. “We could never understand her before,” says Jyothi’s mother. “When she would cry we would not understand why she was crying and had no Idea of how to help her out. Now we can understand her, communicate with her.
We are very happy for her – she is now independent and earning.


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