Divya’s Story

Name:   Divya
Age: 9  years
Sex: female
Disability: Cereblal Palsy
Divya lives with her family in Halageri. She is 9 years old and has one elder brother. She visits the 3rd class in school. Many people say about her that she is very intelligent and clever. Anyhow she is struggeling with Cerebral Palsy. Samarthya already supported the family with a Wheelchair, a Walker and a Caliper. However the house of the family is build 1 feet above the normal ground, so there has to be a ramp at the entrance to use those appliances and to move in and out the house. The family already build a temporary ramp, but it was not proper for a normal use. So we build a new ramp. With this ramp Divya can move easily with the help of her brother or other people. We also build a parallel bar where she can practice walking. All in all the family is very happy about this adaptation!




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