About Us

We began our work in 1989, as an arm of Samuha, a larger organisation that does community development work in Karnataka. Since 2013 we are an independent organisation.
We work across 352 villages in Koppal and Raichur districts of Karnataka, providing services to over 3700 people with disabilities every year.


To improve the quality of life of persons with disability, parents and caregivers.


Community Based Rehabilitation for persons with disability, parents and caregivers to access equal opportunities.


To reduce the incidence of disability and empower those disabled members of the community to achieve their maximum potential to lead independent and meaningful lives. In order to meet this aim SAMARTHYA has the following objectives:

  • Create awareness in the community about disabilities
  • Implement early identification of disabilities and need for rehabilitation
  • Provide therapeutic services and ensure transfer of therapeutic skills to disabled persons, families, and communities, to enable them to lead independent lives
  • Conduct short-stay camps and in-patient programs for concentrated rehabilitation
  • Provide aids, appliances and adapted equipment to increase the mobility and confidence of disabled persons
  • Educate community members to effectively integrate persons with disabilities by creating appropriate environments
  • Provide vocational skills training sessions and connect clients with opportunities to enable them to be contributing members of the community.
  • Facilitate self-help groups for clients and caregivers
  • Assist disabled persons with accessing various government funding and support programs
  • Facilitate training programs to those who are working in the field of disability and development.

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